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I have been facing the "how to learn/experiment" with Arduino for a while now.  Anyhow, I just started a project on KickStarter that would help bring Arduino easily into the classroom or club. 

If you would like to help, Please see ArduinoKit.US and share the link with your friends.  I'm hoping to have these in my classroom soon.



I need your help.  I am a long-term teacher and have really enjoyed learning and using the Arduino platform.   However, I've had a difficult time working this in to club and classroom because all the parts get lost and are difficult to read values etc.

I have a project in KickStarter to develop a classroom learning pack and I need your support.  Even a $1 pledge or just by sharing the link.  Hopefully I can get enough funds to make this project a reality.

See it at www.DuinoKit.com


For more-than-beginner programing, this is good:

Programming Arduino "Getting started with Sketches*- Simon Monk - Excellent start to programming

Regards, Terry King terry@yourduino.com  - Check great prices, devices and Arduino-related boards at http://YourDuino.com
HOW-TO: http://ArduinoInfo.Info


  Hi everyone,
recently i found arduino on the internet and started reading and watching videos of what it can do so i decided to give it a try, i have always wanted to build "semi-robots aka remote operated not automated" but never had any education on programing or electronics.

  That said, im complete and total noob when it comes to this, i just hope with time i would be able to learn enough to build a humble sea raw robot with hand held controller with small screen.

   I am aware that this isnt a one day thing, infact i see it as never ending learning process and really it doesn't matter how much it will take but i want to learn to program and learn about electronics. If i ever get to a point of working prototype i would love to share it with everyone and try to make a small plug and play hobiest open source rov for everyone with hopes the code and "design" could be refined as much as possible cost and performance wise.

So i'm hopeing you guyz could advise me what i should get first, what arduino board and what extras for first basic beginner "projects" in arduino begginer books, links would be of a great help. Really appriciate your help and time you take to help me out.

P.S. i plan to learn about electronics and programing from moste simple basics to more advance stuff

Take care


Support a new Arduino based product to learn / teach the Arduino platform.  Currently on KickStarter.  www.DuinoKit.com 

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