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Hi all,
  I was talking a look at my arduino uno, and it seems that there are in fact two atmel chips on the board?  There is the large chip, which I assume is the main microcontroller, but there is also a small, surface-mount chip (mega 18U2 I think).  What does this second chip do??  Does it contribute to the main chip's function? 

Fat D

16U2 actually. It provides the USB interface to the Arduino's serial port, that is all. It used to be done by a dedicated FTDI converter, but apparently the secondary controller was deemed cheaper and more versatile despite all the additional hardware (capacitors, quartz crystal etc.) required.


Ah, that's what I had suspected... thanks!


Hi members,

I bought a Uno SMD R3
I want to program it with Bascom
What type Atmel is on it?
Not an atmega 328, I tested m328 def and m328pdef
I use Bascom AVR

Please give me advice.
Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Dré Jansen (Netherland)
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An Uno of any type should have an ATmega328P microcontroller as the main CPU.  It also has another avr (16u or 8u) that works as a usb/serial converter, but that's not connected to much of anything other than the USB port.

I don't know if the Arduino bootloader is supported by any of the BASCOM "programmer" types...

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