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That's a meaningless question. Do nothing? What pin? Do I think you are scared? Hard to say. Do you feel scared?

first of all, thanks for the links, I've got the idea with sleep, and I don't think I need it.
my question was related to the interrupt pins, I wasn't sure how they work, and as I was supposing, if I keep the pin low a lot it will just loop in the interrupt loop.
as Graynomad sugested, I will use the interrupts to count the "position" of the actuators.

In the meanwhile, I have ordered from ebay all my components. I couldn't find any relays around so I had to order them, ended up ordering them with the driving circuit since I might receive them late and not have time build the circuits that I need without the footprints (I haven't yet found an ebay chinese seller who would put a datasheet).
If they will come in 2 weeks I will probably remove them from those boards and place them on my own shields. I'll have to wait and see.
After I finish receiving the components I will post here what I have so people can give me their feedback.

One more question: what is the working temperature and the storage temperature for the arduino duemilanove? Is it the same as the atmels?


Is it the same as the atmels?

No, it's the same as the worst (critical) component on the board. I don't know if that's ever been analysed or specified, if so I haven't seen it.

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