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I have an arduino mini pro that I would like to use for a drum pad midi controller project I have been working on. Since there's no USB input, I want to be able to connect a midi to usb cable to the device and send the signal from there. I've been playing with the circuit on the UNO and have gotten it to work and send it through the midi cable, but only when I'm powering the board from USB. If I try to power it from battery, I don't get a signal.

I think I need to establish a common ground between my board, but I have no idea how.

This is similar to the circuit I'm using:

And the code is somewhat similar to the code at the bottom of this page:

Thanks A Lot!


We don't need code similar and schematic similar we need to see what you have actually got in order to try and find out where you have gone wrong.

You get a common ground by physically wiring all the grounds together.

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