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hey guys plz check out the above blog and give your comments.
you can also uplode your projects on this blog and i will put it up on the blog.




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The link isn't working, is this the right one



At first I though "do we need another Arduino tute blog" but I have to say it looks pretty clear and if the information is good (I didn't read much) then the blog could be useful.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


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I agree .Nicely written

Amazing what a difference it makes when you do what a book should do -  Convey the information needed clearly.

None of the "Today we are going to look at ........and we will cover ........... but by the way the sun is shining in Florida and its very hot so get some ice ready too .........and an asprin, you will need it.

Everything repeated 5 times to drive it in

Then at the end you get a summary of " what we have covered today"

Writing for dumbarses at kindergarten level and treat everyone as such

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