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Insteon is a nice platform to work with . Alan's Insteon shield works well with the Insteon serial modem . Lots to learn , but getting there !
Thumbs up GoodRobot !


Everything here looks great, and applies very well to my Project, But I've got to ask.
Has there been any headway as to building an Insteon device, rather than a controller?

To Elaborate a little bit I'd Like to add a bunch of digital I/O to my Insteon system controlled by Houselinc.
The idea is that I will be able to add wired in motion sensors and magnetic door/window sensors, as well as be able to control window blinds and air duct dampers.

The only product I've found on the market to do this is the EZIO8SA panel combined with an insteon plm ( http://www.smarthome.com/31273/Smartenit-EZIO8SA-INSTEON-Compatible-Input-Output-Controller/p.aspx ) however, it does not have all of the IO to meet my needs and the price of one unit given the need for a PLM for each unit makes buying multiple units prohibitively expensive for my particular situation. I need 16 Inputs and 10 outputs, which would require 4 separate panels and PLMs and then leave me with a lot of unused outputs.


  From what you are saying , I think ( and Alan from GoodRobot may be able to add to this ) that you can connect your input devices ( motions and door contacts ) to an arduino with the insteon shield attached. When your Arduino program runs you look for signals from the input devices to meet the logic required to initiate output commands to the Insteon PLM.
As far as controlling blinds, you could leave this task to the Arduino as well. It would get very costly to use the Insteon product you specified.
  My personal view on automation is if the devices you are installing can't " pay for themselves" in  energy savings or convenience ,then look for some other way to solve the problem...or move on to something else. Automated blinds in a room with southwest  exposure with major heat gain in the summer is a good candidate . I also have a headend system for RF and video distribution that shutting down from 11:00 pm until required late morning is worth the price of an Insteon receptacle . I will in time save money that will pay for the initial cost of devices.
  Have you looked over the GoodRobot site as Alan has some very usefull info and code to get you heading in the right direction.

Bob D 

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