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Hi all

I've got an XBee Pro S1 connected to a Nano and can't figure out this serial communication issue. I stripped everything away to the following simple code, which works fine through Serial Monitor, but as soon as I switch to the Xbee, it sends regularly every second, as soon as I send the first data.

I've used Xbee ZB S1 and S2 with no problem, but not with the Pro's before. They're hooked up the same way - 3.3v and GND, Xbee DOUT to Arduino RX0, Xbee DIN to Arduino TX1. Xbees are set up with default settings, tried setting specific destination addresses and changing a few other settings. They are communicating fine between them, just continue to send data from the Arduino even when I'm not doing so in the code...

Any advice appreciated!

void setup()

void loop()


  // I also tried using Serial.begin(9600) and Serial.end() before/after sending...



Solved :) it was a power issue, as someone pointed out in another post about the Xbee Pro's - they require a lot of current, so fresh batteries help...

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