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So I am starting my summer project and I realized (very quickly) that I need to figure out how to make a touch screen. 
I wanted it to have something like the spinner wheel in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUxbehXSiJA

Although it would mainly just be the spinner wheel and a few buttons.

Does anybody have some awesome resources that could help me out? 
I'm mainly having trouble finding some components that I could work with.  I know that atmel sells Qtouch and such, and I would like to use that, although I need some component that is compatible with their Qtouch library.  Anybody got anything?

Thanks in advance!

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a touch screen would require a transparent touch sensor...
qtouch works with metallic conductors, that r not transparent...

have u seen this:


So I would need a capacitance touch screen.
I think I came to that conclusion before.
An Issue that i'm finding is finding capacitance touch screens that I could use.
I would like to know more so on how to make one since It'll be in a very custom setting.

Any help on that?
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if i understood wikipedia correctly:
u could try qtouch with transparent conducting material that u paint on a sheet of Plexiglas (PMMA)...
EDIT: oops - that "painting" seems to be very complicated...  :smiley-roll-sweat:

here they offer a tiny touch screen with integrated display:
but there is not much to tinker... :)

here they offer bare transparent touch sensors (i guess):


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