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Looking for some help in getting the Uno to talk to the WS-2310 I have.  It has a 9 pin RS-232 interface.  Just about every 232 shield I can find for my Uno says they are TTL levels.  I got this station some years ago and I doubt its only 5v TTL, probably 12v true RS-232.

I would like to log station readings at various intervals to a SD card.  Periodically I would then have it send the readings to a website and clear the SD.  Have the ethernet/SD shield and have been working on learning the ethernet library.  Have to pick up a uSD on the way home today to begin learning the storage library.

Does anyone have links to RS-232 shields that will take the old school 12v signals?  Also, has anyone done this weather station interface before that has some sketches they are willing to share?

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