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Bob Pigford

Now that Arduino 1.0 is out and we can have multiple SD files open at the same time, I have a program that opens small SD card files one at a time when needed, extracts their chr contents, and stuffs those chrs into another temporary file (about 7k) on the SD card.  It takes about 32 seconds to open/close my many small files, but works.  Now I would like it to be 20 times faster overall.

I have considered external EEPROM usage, and that may be viable, but I am wondering about flash ram usage.

I have successfully used PROGMEM in the past where I need to refer to data that does not change, but I have not found a way to have my program write/read dynamic data to a region of flash above my program code.

Is there a way to use some flash ram as dynamic ram?

Thank you for your suggestions.

     Bob Pigford
     Newark, DE, USA


Is there a way to use some flash ram as dynamic ram?

Short answer, no.

Longer answer, not really.
You'd need to write a whole new bootloader.
I don't think it would improve performance
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It is, theoretically, possible, but very hard to achieve, and probably the results wouldn't be desirable.  The problems:

1. Writing flash is slow.  I don't know about the AVR, but if it's like a PIC, then the whole processor stalls while writing a block of flash.
2. Flash can only be written once erased.
3. Flash can only be erased in blocks.
4. Flash can only be written a certain number of times before it becomes unstable.

So you'd (1) probably see a slowdown instead of a speedup, (2/3) have to make sure that you set aside an area of flash that the sketch would never get placed into that is a multiple of the flash page size big, and (4) kill your AVR chip in no time at all.

Bob Pigford

Thank you AWOL and majenko.  You have clarified it for me.  And I do now remember some PIC16F876A programming in the past WRT 14-bit block reads/writes and erasures.  I think I will not go down that path again!

Thank you again for your counsel.


You could look at SPI RAMTRON FRAM for fast access like SRAM and power-down storage capability of Flash/EEPROM without the write speed penalty.
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