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Manuel Silva

Hello all,

Please help on this problem.

I am using the <IRremote.h> library. I call the reading code as a function, the code I use is bellow. When I send an IR command at the first call of the function I receive the correct code, but, if I call again the function without send a IR command, I get again the same code, I need to call two more times the function to get a zero value.

Below  is the code I am using, and also the code I use to test the return command code.

Thanks in advance.


Code: [Select]

uint16_t IR_code()
  if (irrecv.decode(&results)) // have we received an IR signal?
     //Serial.println(results.value, DEC); // Imprimir na porta serial o valor do controle
    //lcd.print(results.value, DEC); // Imprimir na porta serial o valor do controle
    case 2107:key=10; break;//Menu
    case 2080:key=11; break;//Up
    case 2081:key=12; break;//Down
    case 2064:key=13; break;//right
    case 2065:key=14; break;//left
    case 2085:key=15; break;//enter
    case 2102:key=16; break;//exit       
    case 2103:key=17; break;//stop     
    case 2049:key=1; break;
    case 2050:key=2; break;     
    case 2051:key=3; break;     
    case 2052:key=4; break;     
    case 2053:key=5; break;
    case 2054:key=6; break;     
    case 2055:key=7; break;     
    case 2056:key=8; break;         
    case 2057:key=9; break;
    case 2048:key=0; break;         
    default: key=100;
    return key;
    irrecv.resume(); // receive the next value
  }  // Your loop can do other things while waiting for an IR command

Below is the code to test the return code.

Code: [Select]

void pano360()
   uint8_t i=1;
   lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
   lcd.print("  Pano360 Mode  ");     
   lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
   lcd.print("Num. Positions? ");
   lcd.print("                ");
   while(i) // Get number of position till OK/enter(15) be pressed
       while (key==0)
       Serial.print("test0 ");
       Serial.println(key, DEC);
       Serial.println("            ");
       Serial.print("test1 = ");
       Serial.println(key, DEC);
       Serial.println("            ");


If you consumed a code with:

Code: [Select]

you should always call

Code: [Select]

but you don't, you return the generated key.

BTW: you return the key value but you use the global variable for the value transfer. Either use a global variable in all cases or stick with local variables and return the value.

Manuel Silva


Thanks for your help. I am going to follow your advise.


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