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5 minuites after that i had problems with the arduino clone rapidle reseting every(roughly) centisecond. Figured out that a standard 9volt battery doesnt need decoupling, but three 3v button cells do.
Strange. I was worrying my ossilater was shot, and i would have to wait for a replacement.


In general, it's a good idea to decouple any power supply, but some seem to be more temperamental than others (ie, batteries).


As i soon found out. I thought that because the 9v cell worked fine, that the three 3v lithium button cell battries (btw, how many mAh can i expect out of them?) would work.
I looked at the power in my ossilscope, and saw no reason for the  loosely precise centi-second resets, as a 0.01nF capacitor corrected the problem, and i so nothing on my scopes highest time setting. But then agin, my scope is old( and poorly desinged near the inputs), and i haven't checked my probes for gained inherent capicentance recently.


The cells' mAH ratings will depend on the part number.

Try googling the number you see on the battery.


Well, there was the time I tried to read my boss's email, and it said "By the way Bill, why are you reading my mail?"  :-)

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