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we've got this rf send and receiver set from sparkfun and having problems hooking it up to arduino

according to this pdf

it should be very simple to do.

arduino 1) connected to computer, send it a byte, that byte is then passed through serial.send to tx pin to rf transmitter

arduino 2 - mini) receives byte through rx pin and executes commands.

We've setup a simple test, all one one breadboard. the big arduino voltage power is going into the rf sender and reciever. Will this cause problems? Do we need to power the receiver with a seperate power supply?

Here are a few photos

We were also wondering, when you send a byte to arduino then send it back to the pc via serial.print it will display it in ascii (i.e 1 = 49). but if i send byte 1 to arduino 1, and then that arduino to arduino 2, will it keep it as a byte or as ascii?

Many thanks


Hey, try looking at the book called, "making things talk" see the rf project.


Also, depending on the power level... you usually need a minimum distance between transmitter and receiver or else you overdrive the input and it's just as bad as having them too far apart..

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