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What shield do you want to use with seeeduino stalker?


So you want the same board, with say a TXB0104/TXB0106 between the uC and the 3.3V devices,
and the uC and shield headers to run from5V otherwise.
Does it need to be 5V, or just whatever voltage the LiPo is at? As the uC will be happy running at 16 MHz down to about 3.8V, the low end of what a LiPo can do.
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Like florinc asked, what 5V device are you wanting to use with it? More than likely the problem you think you're going to have doesn't exist.


Things like ultrasonic censors, PIR Motion, lazors  stuff like that


Ultrasonic sensor working at 3V3:

Motion sensor working at 3V3:

and so on.

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