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From Gree-Leds.com  the 32pixel LPD8806 were $13/meter and the new 52pixels were $17/meter (plus change)


I just purchased a 5m RGB 5050 addressable from ebay for $32
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Cool project! I am looking to start my first arduino project with lpd8806 lights. Hopefully I can learn it as fast as you did  :D

I have spoken to a few (15) china suppliers. Looks like the going rate is about $40 for 5m and then $40-50 shipping via DHL.

Well, $98.89 was the total after shipping and paypal fees for 3 - 5m 5050 PD8806 Strips, 300/5m, ip68, Tape Backing.


You sure that's not $40 per one(1) m ?  That's the standard retail price.  $40 for 5 meters is incredibly cheap.  You should double check that they aren't going to send you one(1) meter -cut- from a five(5) meter reel, which is what is done if you buy under 5 meters.

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