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Im am very new to arduino and code. For a first project, I am trying to make three buttons simulate keyboard inputs and also light up, each in a different way. I can make the buttons or the leds work but I can not get them to work together. I have tried various combinations of code including serial.print, fallingedge, and others. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong and would greatly appreciate some direction.

I have three buttons. Button 0 should simulate pressing shift + letter a and loop through all colors via led. Button 1 should simulate pressing shift + letter b and cycle from white to blue in led or glow solid blue (which I was going to accomplish by supplying direct power to the blue led), and Button 2 should  simulate pressing shift + letter b and glow white.

Here is the button code I am uising:

Code: [Select]
#include <Bounce.h>

// Create Bounce objects for each button.  The Bounce object
// automatically deals with contact chatter or "bounce", and
// it makes detecting changes very simple.
Bounce button0 = Bounce(0, 10);
Bounce button1 = Bounce(1, 10);  // 10 ms debounce time is appropriate
Bounce button2 = Bounce(2, 10);  // for most mechanical pushbuttons
                                 // if a button is too "sensitive"
                                 // you can increase this time.
// LED leads connected to PWM pins
const int RED_LED_PIN = 9;
const int GREEN_LED_PIN = 10;
const int BLUE_LED_PIN = 11;

// Used to store the current intensity level of the individual LEDs
int redIntensity = 0;
int greenIntensity = 0;
int blueIntensity = 0;

// Length of time we spend showing each color
const int DISPLAY_TIME = 100; // In milliseconds

void setup() {
  // Configure the pins for input mode with pullup resistors.
  // The pushbuttons connect from each pin to ground.  When
  // the button is pressed, the pin reads LOW because the button
  // shorts it to ground.  When released, the pin reads HIGH
  // because the pullup resistor connects to +5 volts inside
  // the chip.
  pinMode(0, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(1, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP);


void loop() {
  // Update all the buttons.  There should not be any long
  // delays in loop(), so this runs repetitively at a rate
  // faster than the buttons could be pressed and released.

  // Check each button for "falling" edge.
  // falling = high (not pressed - voltage from pullup resistor)
  //           to low (pressed - button connects pin to ground)
  if (button0.fallingEdge()) {
    Keyboard.send_now(); // send the button press
    Keyboard.send_now(); // send the button release
  if (button1.fallingEdge()) {
  if (button2.fallingEdge()) {
// Cycle color from red through to green
  // (In this loop we move from 100% red, 0% green to 0% red, 100% green)
  for (greenIntensity = 0; greenIntensity <= 255; greenIntensity+=5) {
        redIntensity = 255-greenIntensity;
        analogWrite(GREEN_LED_PIN, greenIntensity);
        analogWrite(RED_LED_PIN, redIntensity);

  // Cycle color from green through to blue
  // (In this loop we move from 100% green, 0% blue to 0% green, 100% blue) 
  for (blueIntensity = 0; blueIntensity <= 255; blueIntensity+=5) {
        greenIntensity = 255-blueIntensity;
        analogWrite(BLUE_LED_PIN, blueIntensity);
        analogWrite(GREEN_LED_PIN, greenIntensity);

  // Cycle cycle from blue through to red
  // (In this loop we move from 100% blue, 0% red to 0% blue, 100% red)   
  for (redIntensity = 0; redIntensity <= 255; redIntensity+=5) {
        blueIntensity = 255-redIntensity;
        analogWrite(RED_LED_PIN, redIntensity);
        analogWrite(BLUE_LED_PIN, blueIntensity);

I have used many variations. this one operates the color fade correctly but the buttons dont "print". When i remove the color code the buttons print correctly.



I have used many variations. this one operates the color fade correctly but the buttons dont "print".

I have no idea what this means. I've never seen a button print anything, You need to be a lot more specific about what your problem is.

Why are you using the hardware serial port pins for your switches? Doing so means that you can't debug your program.

Where is Keyboard defined?
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