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forgive me for cross-referencing this with the Microcontrollers subforum, but I was wondering if someone could enlighten me what was changed where:


in short: the print.h functions are *void* in the tiny libraries but *size_t* in the libraries that come with Arduino 1.01

Any suggestion on why this divergence might be?


I believe that was one of the changes made when version 1.0 was released - the write function that is the heart of all the print functions were changed to returning size_t at that time.

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Any suggestion on why this divergence might be?

Because Tiny Core version 2 is not finished.


I understand. I fear my C-abilities are not up to par to *really* do some useful work, but I'd offer to help & debug.

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Thank you for the offer.  If I can remember, I'll let you know when a new version is ready.

Or, you can subscribe to an RSS feed and Google Code will notify you...

Downloads or Source Changes are the best choices.

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