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The embdSocial team has just released an Arduino adapter for their Wisp device!

The Wisp provides a ton of drop-in functionality for your Arduino:
    Tweeting/receiving @messages
    Updating Facebook statuses
    Sending/receiving emails
    Sending/receiving SMS text messages
    Manipulating files in your Dropbox

Your WISP coupled with an Arduino using an Arduino shield adapter yields a tightly integrated package that allows you to bring the internet to any embedded project. Tired of breaking out that huge USB cable every time you want to program your Arduino? If your WISP is online simply upload your compiled sketch and your WISP will take care of the rest...that's right, over-the-air updates for your Arduino project!

Pre-order now: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1762774051/embdsocial-wisp-embedded-social-media-gateway
Checkout our wesite: http://www.embdsocial.net


    Hi, Sounds great!


    • What Arduino resources does it need?

    • Pins?

    • Program Memory?

    • RAM?

    • Arduino Run-time cycles / % ?

    • Is it MEGA compatible?

    • What is the cost of your Server functions? SMS messages etc.?

    Thanks! Waiting to see details...

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Thanks for your questions!

What Arduino resources does it need?
The Wisp uses either UART or SPI for communication with the Arduino. There a couple of extra pins that can be configured for stand-alone GPIO or for hardware handshaking. We are working on getting more complete datasheets up this weekend so you can see how it physically connects to your Arduino.

Program Memory? RAM?
Implementation dependent. Think of the Wisp as a conduit...it handles all of the heavy lifting for wireless configuration, maintaining a connection to our servers etc and provides a simple protocol for performing common tasks (posting files to Dropbox, sending/receiving e-mails, etc). We do have reference Arduino libraries in the works, but we're not quite ready to give a hard size (we will be soon).

Is it MEGA compatible?
Absolutely! The Wisp is platform agnostic. It can be connected to any processor/microcontroller with USART or SPI. We will have information up this weekend as to physical size and position of connectors. We focused on Arduino (providing libraries, etc) because of the great community built up around this product.

What is the cost of your Server functions? SMS messages etc.?
Free! Sending text messages is free, however you will have a limited number of RX text messages (to prevent abuse...since we are paying per message).

Did that answer all of your questions?
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