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Bingo! I was using digital pins 4 and 5. And yes, the Wee does have A4 and A5... but the labels for them are on the bottom. They're the two holes between A1-A2-A3 and the Atmega in the center of the board.

Thank you everyone for your help!


I'm having a bit of a problem with the code examples given above... I'm using
Code: [Select]
byte rdata = 33;
 Wire.send(0x00); // MSB
 Wire.send(0x00); // LSB

I reinstated the MSB line and it works (it did not work for me when I had the MSB line commented out like the example given. This works when I increment the LSB until 0x08, when it ceases working entirely, and I no longer see my byte 33 written anywhere in my dump. I'm sure there's something in the addressing that I'm not understanding. Any thoughts?

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