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So you decided to give the Arduino Ethernet a try, but You can't manage to upload a sketch to it?
This might help:

First things first.
- Make sure there is nothing else connected to the Arduino Ethernet (double use TX RX)

What are you using for uploading?
- FTDI Friend?
- USB Serial Light Adapter?

Did you connect it correctly? Do you see BLK on the Arduino Ethernet?
- on the FTDI Friend this should connect to GND
- on the USB Serial Light Adapter this should connect to GND BLK

Does your operating system recognize your adapter cable?
for USB Serial Light Adapter you need to install a driver: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/USBSerial at the bodem.

Still no luck?
you might want to get the optibootloader.

- you'll need an arduino UNO or Duemilanove
- get the attached sketch (changed it for arduino IDE 1.xx)
- upload it to the arduino UNO or Duemilanove
- disconnect your arduino UNO or Duemilanove
- connect your arduino UNO or Duemilanove TO your Arduino Ethernet like this:

only connect this wires:

Arduino uno => Arduino Ethernet
13               => 13
12               => 12
11               => 11
10               => reset       check this twice smiley-wink uno side is 10, arduino ethernet side is  reset

5v               => 5v
gnd             => gnd


- reconnect your arduino UNO or Duemilanove
- open serial monitor and set baud rate to 19200 baud
- follow instructions and you should get this:
OptiLoader Bootstrap programmer.
2011 by Bill Westfield (WestfW)

Target power on! ...
Starting Program Mode [OK]

Reading signature:950F
Searching for image...
  Found "optiboot_atmega328.hex" for atmega328P
  Start address at 7E00
  Total bytes read: 502

Setting fuses for programming
  Lock: 3F FFE000  Low: FF FFA000  High: DE FFA800  Ext: 5 FFA400

Programming bootloader: 512 bytes at 0x3F00
  Commit Page: 3F00:3F00
  Commit Page: 3F40:3F40
  Commit Page: 3F80:3F80
  Commit Page: 3FC0:3FC0

Restoring normal fuses
  Lock: 2F FFE000

Target power OFF!

Type 'G' or hit RESET for next chip

- disconnect everything
- done, now try uploading a sketch (check your com port, board and adapter connection)

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So, the solution to not being able to upload to my Arduino Ethernet is to purchase another Arduino?



Nope, the solution is to replace the bootloader. One way of doing this, is with an other Arduino.

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