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Today I wrote a command line utility for compiling Arduino sketch file and uploading to Arduino board. With a single command line invoking, this can be done all at once without the need for Arduino IDE. The utility  scans the sketch for referenced libraries and build the necessary libraries. Currently only single sketch file is supported. All the core static libraries for various targets are all built and retrieved with Arduino IDE.

Code: [Select]
Arduino Sketch Uploader Version 0.1 (C)2012 Written by Stanley Huang

Command line syntax:
sketchuploader [sketch file] [board type] [serial port]

Board types:
1 - Arduino Uno
2 - Arduino Duemilanove (328)
3 - Arduino Duemilanove (168)
4 - Arduino Nano (328)
5 - Arduino Nano (168)
6 - Arduino Mini (328)
7 - Arduino Mini (168)
8 - Arduino Pro Mini (328)
9 - Arduino Pro Mini (168)
10 - Arduino Mega 2560/ADK
11 - Arduino Mega

My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


What happens when there is an error while compiling?
Won't you go into the IDE to fix it anyway?

How does one get '1284 boards into there?
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The compile errors will be displayed the error lines will be outlined.
This utility is intended for use with automatic code generation applications.
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog

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