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The new Budweiser (and other) aluminum bottles are perfect pressure vessel projectiles for a rapid-fire water rocket, or just a recycling mortar.

You just made me remember cone-top beer cans.

All my projects are in the idea phase. I'll envision something, figure out how I want to do it, even acquire parts and code up test versions of the various routines, and then I'm off on a tangent on something else, or maybe there's just one thing I want to add, but I'm spending money elsewhere at the moment. One weekend, I'll get a wild hair and just sit down and build one of them to completion. Of course, since I have but one Uno, if I do that, I'll need to acquire another Arduino of some sort to proceed with fiddling about. Maybe I should just order a couple more to have around. I do have some ATMega ICs sitting here too, so the other 'idea phase' is to build any of these things on a dedicated board. Hmmm.
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In the interest of being cheap, I want to do away with the mechanical water meter and timer on my water softener.  I want to use Arduino to control the valves, cycle timing, and cycle rate --by measuring water usage-- and convert it to electronic control.

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