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You don't need two chars to hold two hex digits, unless they're stored as their character representation

I misinterpreted what he was doing, I thought he was talking about the hex value being in a single char.


Thanks guys, a stunning response!

Yes, "they're stored as their character representation" because they've just been read as characters from a text file

the ascii example works great.

However majenko's switch code to convert from hex gives me the following error -"invalid conversion from char* to unsigned char*"    Know what's up?


I copied it from another one of my projects and modified it to suit on the fly.  Experiment with it.  It'll be the passing of the char * variable.  I had it working with two plain char variables originally.

Just remove the "unsigned" bits from the function definitions.  Those were left over from my other project.
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majenko - I thought you were having a joke with that code. But if you were serious then this is much better than using case statements.

Code: [Select]
int convertFromHex(int ascii){
  if(ascii > 0x39) ascii -= 7; // adjust for hex letters upper or lower case
  return(ascii & 0xf);


Mike why is that last method better than using casting? Is their a difference in how it complies?

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