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Finally clicked the "publish" button and I'm hoping some people over here might enjoy reading about this sort of project :)
Any feedback is very welcome!

Arduino Project 10 (2D/3D pictures) - My XBee/Arduino based Wireless Sensor Network (Uno/Mega 2560, 1.0, XBee Series 2)


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I see your thinking of moving to PICs, have you considered the LPC ARMs? You can (soon) get them down to 20 (even 16) pins with a full 32-bit core.

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I am new in Zigbee API apps. But, as far as I read your project, I can say that it is very nice project, exciting...

One week ago I found your project on the net (under Arduino node scanning tag). Since that moment I am almost all the time trying to make one coordinator node to talk with one router node. In attach, you will see how I tried to.

The router and one Xbee explorer work acceptable, but not with Arduino coordinator.

I also have some questions. First, in my case xbee.begin(9600) return error (no matching function for call to 'XBee::begin(int)'). How so? I wrote the sequence: Serial.begin(9600); xbee.begin(Serial). No error, but...

You organized your sending data in 10 bytes. The 9-th is the node ID (E = text[9]). It is sent by the nodes. How it is built?

Thank you in advance! Mircea


NIce!  It's good to see other people automating their stuff.  That's actually becoming my life's work......sigh.
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