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I have a board that has a uart debug port and I am trying to connect to it via my arduino. When I do so using the following properties in PuTTY(windows 7):

Bits per sec: 115200
Data bit: 7
parity: none
stop bit: 1
flow control: none

I get some gibberish like so:

I know for a fact that I am missing a lot of stuff that should be outputted to the serial...Is there anyway I know what settings I need to use to get proper output?



There are 8 data bits.
Data bit: 8

The rate is determined by the rate set in the Serial.begin() call.


It might also help if you posted just -what- this board is, and where you got the settings from (That is, did you read a datasheet or something for the board or serial interface on the board? Were you told what it was by a service technician or the manufacturer? Did you get it from another forum?).

You can't just randomly assign values and somehow expect it to work; the board is probably expecting the settings to be something quite specific (I would try common ones like 9600-8n1, 2400-8n1, 1200-8n1; then move to more uncommon ones - most of the time, debug interfaces on such boards are rarely set up to communicate at high speeds, unless you have a spec that says otherwise).
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7 data bits is possible but very unlikely, especially for a debugging interface that may have to show bytes.

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