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Yeah if you ground the "neutral" of the dc you will essentially be shorting every half cycle to ground, which is kinda bad


Thanks for all the responses guys. It seems this project will have to wait another day when i enroll in an electrical engineering course. Thanks for all the safety tips!

One last hypothetical question though. Since the arduino boards need electricity to function and do things, would I be able to "siphon off" some of the mains electricity? If so, what would be the methodology and hardware involved? this is PURELY hypothetical.


Simplest way is a 120v to 7-9v transformer, a rectifier and smoothing caps to feed the vin
or buy a power supply with all that built in


If your not drawing much with the arduinos power you could take apart those small usb wallwarts and use that on the 5v pin


Are we forgetting that most Arduinos have a standard DC power plug?


Yeah lol never actually used that before, that would be simplest just getting a power supply with that plug and plugging it in

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