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I just got my Leonardo and was excited to try the mouse and keyboard features.  I have had much trouble with both.  The keyboard seems to only somewhat work.  Sometimes a very press and release of a single key (with a delay) with notepad open doesn't work.  Also the logout example doesn't work.  Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't seem to work.  I can't really explain exactly what issue I'm having with keyboard other than mostly not working.  I'm running windows vista BTW.

How is the mouse.move suppose to work?  What number do I put for the ints?  I thought it was maybe the number of pixels but that is clearly not the case.  I tried to move -1440, -900 to corner the mouse then move 720, 450 to center it from wherever it was but that just makes it jump around a bit.

Any ideas appreciated, Thanks!


I just tried the logout example with Windows and it worked fine for me on my DaVinci (Leo-clone)

Just to rule out the obvious, did you change this line...
Code: [Select]
// change this to match your platform:
int platform = OSX;



The arguments to Mouse.move() are relative (i.e. changes to the current mouse cursor position).  Can you post the full code for the keyboard programs you're having trouble with?

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