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Hi all,

I am new to electronics, working on one project where i need to add opto sensor to arduino.  I have the sensor without datasheet. It has "ZYOS 70T4" printed on it, and sign of diode and CE on top of it.

Can any one help me for its circuit or any idea how to connect it.

Thanks in advance.


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i cant find your thingy,

Take a look at optocouplers, they have an IR LED and a light dependent transistor that lets current through when the the IR LED shines.

so i guess its like the transistor, or imagine it as light dependant switch

Just connect it to 5+ GND+ and analog input


Thanks for reply, can you specify how to connect leads of transistor part of sensor to power and arduino. i.e. how C and E should be connected to power and arduino. (Apologies for silly question).


i just unpacked yesterday my arduino and im just as noob.

check this out

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