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Thanks again. I don't have access to that forum yet. About the board you bought, I bought the same board yesterday. It is SOMO-14D compatible in so many aspects. You could read about it here:

It is quite expensive, but they used the same chip.


Did not check the code yet, cause I did not installed Arduino IDE, but basically you are sensing the button, and each times some triggers it, you play the sound and turn on the led? At the same time or that is synchronous?


in my project you use 3 buttons: fire, weapon selector and reload ammuniton

when push fire button the led and sound turn on syncro

these are the features since now:

- 13 sounds weapon, included: E11, Stun, AT AT, Xwing, Xfighter, chewbacca, jawas, 44Magnum, M1 Garand, K98 and others (can add many more)
- 3 buttons: fire, selector, reload
- sound effect when empty ammo is reached
- sound effect when reloading the weapon
- sound at start-up
- plays random tracks for specific sounds (as chewbacca or jawas)
- endless fading led showing status ON / OFF
- 3 watt RGB superbright led with customizable colors and effects
- 10 segments led bar as shot counter
- 3w+3w audio output
- battery life: around 2 hours of use, standby not tested (battery used: 2x Cr123 recharg. lithium 3,7 volts)


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Bellissimo! Really. Congratulations! Thanks to you I met this Arduino thing, and I am really happy about it. What's the story about that RGB led. Where did you get it and how do you use it?

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