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Very nice blaster! I wonder if you can play a star wars computer game with this one. That would be awesome!
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and here a new version with smoke machine added

the smoke generator is from RC car toys, sold for just 20 euro over ebay china (oil included). It is made by:

a small board that control the intensity of smoke

a small electric pump

a (?) resistor that burn safe oil

to control it by arduino i had to use the servo library and a small transistor as power switch. With the servo library i can control fog intenstiy, with transistor i can turn it on and off when i need.

So that's all, it was made especially for boba flame thrower weapon but it can be used with any weapon stored in arduino, as E11 fire as it was seen on  ANH



Excellent work Manuell, I've seen it already on whitearmor.net! Best in class E11! Even more motivation to start with mine.


hello this is my project to add sound and light effects to a scratch built stormtrooper blaster (E-11 blastech) as seen on Star Wars "A New Hope"

the project is almost completed, this is the video that shows how it works


i attached the code, it's not the best and rational program ever made, i am quite sure that if array variables were used, the code could have been far shorter, but i am not so expert..


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