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Here is a cool project I just completed using an Arduino Mini and an embdSocial Wisp. The Wisp allows me to communicate with my arduino from any web-enabled device through XML requests!

Checkout the video:

And the complete project documentation:


Very sleek looking. I didn't realize that the those USB wall warts were so small, cheap, and easy to cannibalize.


Thank you! It definitely surprised me...all it took was a little care with a Dremel. It's actually amazing how thin the 120VAC wire is...it couldn't have been more than 26AWG.


Very nice - the leds are a nice touch, but the $89 for the wisp is a bit steep!


The $89 does get you a Wisp and Arduino Shield Adapter. For reference a Wifly Shield from http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9954 is $89.95 and this packages a lot more functionality into that package. That being said, I promise you we are trying everything we can to bring down cost here...our target price per Wisp is $30.

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