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(dont worry. I am not going to ask you to do my homework, or even help with it. In fact its already done.)

I wrote an essay on technology, justice and freedom for my political philosophy class. My professor liked it, and I myself am pretty happy with it as well.

The essay sort of dances around open hardware and open source philosophy I guess.

I am considering rewriting it (at times I try to please my professor too much and get into details most people would not find interesting) and publishing it somewhere...

Buuuut. I am a bit nervous about it. I really am interested how people who are interested in open source technology (and maybe dont have a political philosophy background) would think of it.


Does anyone want to read my essay and maybe give me some thoughts and feedback on it?

Your opinion would mean a lot to me, especially from some of the more frequent contributors to this forum.





how long is it?

do you have a link? (if not too long:)
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Its 5 pages (1.5 lines spacing)

I'll send you a link in a pm.

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