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Author Topic: SD error 0XA and 0X1 when changing to net supply  (Read 708 times)
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Hi all,

I use the SdFat library.

I log data from 8 accelerometers at 50 hz on a SD card. While this works fine when the arduino is fed trough power supply instead of USB, the sd card module stops working. It states

Can't access SD card. Do not reformat.
SD errorCode: 0XA

This typically happens when i first power on USB, then (while running) plug the net supply and press reset.

Sometimes the reported code is 0X1. I cannot reproduce when this happens exactly.

I read in another post that this could be due to power issues:;wap2

Since i change the power supply it seems most likely that this is the source of my problem.

What can i do to fix this?

EDIT: i think i need this: Please confirm!

 Thank you

my adapter:

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