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I don't know nothing and new in this arduino thing  :)

I have concept in my head and want to make it. Now I have situation were I control some device which have RS232 with PC via RS232 with Terminal software like putty.I want to put arduino in position of PC and make some kind software for mobile, notebook or make web page on arduino then connect phone to web server-arduino click on button arduino will give command to device.
        | WiFi  |         A r d u i n o     |Cable|
Phone    >         Web Page   > RS232      >    Device
                       of software
Is that possible? If it can be done what i need of hardware think (arduino, shields, modules etc.) and is there some kind tutorial etc.

Thank u guys.


I don't know nothing

This is a double negative and means you do know something.
It might seem clever to talk like this but in the game of electronics and computer control precision is vital if you are ever going to get anything done so you might as well start by getting your words right.

Is that possible?

Yes but this is a very advanced project, I suspect you are not advanced enough to do it.

i need of hardware think (arduino, shields, modules etc.)

Yes you need an arduino and WiFi shield

is there some kind tutoria

Probably not, in the same way as there is probably not a tutorial of how to reassemble a car engine that starts of with two pages telling you you have to fill the tank with petrol (gas of the U.S.) before it will go. 


It's good to know that can be made.

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