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I just referred to this thread for some Arduino/SD Card assistance, however, the link is dead. Anyone know what happened and where I can find the information?

How To: SD card read/write with Arduino



I would also be very grateful if anyone could point me to the original information regarding the SD card articles.

As far as I can see,  all the info has vanished from this forum, both the H/W and the software posts return a "not found" error.

I have found lots of blogs and other articles on the web, that point  to the original articles, but they of course are also u/s.

The  short introduction and photo on one of the blogs, looked very good.

Has anyone a pointer to a current repository for the information please?

many thanks



paste this entire link into your browser- it's the Yahoo cache:


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Good find Daniel2!

The important link is: http://www.roland-riegel.de/sd-reader/doc/index.html

This thread is titled "Compiling an SD/MMC and fat16 library" which I did not know about. I'm still looking for "SD card read/write with Arduino" which seems to be lost on the Google or Yahoo cache. The link above has files for a sd/mmc/fat16 library on a custom board with an atmega168. Its not designed around Arduino.... but at least its something to start with!  :)

I think the "SD card read/write with Arduino" thread actually had code for Arduino but it has been awhile so I can't completely remember the details.


I'd like to see the missing thread as well. Has it been deleted?

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