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Hi i have been working on my final year project which is to avoid obstacles for that purpose am using srf04 sensor to detect objects.

*it works fine when object is in front of it but if i place the obstacle at some angle its not detecting it and my robot is hitting with that obstacle.

things i tried
* to cover the maximum angle i place my sonar over a servo and am nw continoulsy scanning 120 degree field twice in a second and sitll am having the same problem its not detect the object or walls when its moving at some angle.


i have remove the other post i created , cuz i found this sensor category more relevant to my problem


is it this one:

it seems like it has a quite thin beam width...

furthermore at certain angles and certain materials the reflected ultrasonic noise, that reaches the sensor, is too weak...
e. g. pyramids out of a special rubber foam can be used to trap audible noise, so that nobody can listen, if he/she is behind those pyramids...

can u use obstacles with a certain coating?
maybe metal (foil) works better than paper?


yes it is this one its beam angle is 40 degree , which i tested it cover the 40 degree at a distance of two feet or 70 cm.

in my project there is pre defined arena which is made up of wood now how can i cover the boundaries with metal foil

yes i can replace my obstacles with the metals ones rather than paper.


can u use multiple sensors?
one that sits over the left front wheel and looks at -15° and
one that sits over the right front wheel and looks at +15° (looking to the front would be 0°)...

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