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Hello, Excuse my poor english...I'm a frenchman !

I have a weird bug ! I'm using Arduino uno with Xbee shiel and Xbee series 2 and on the other side a Sparkfun xbee explorer USB .
After downloading a program, everything works fine, data flies both ways until i disconnect the power from arduino (or unplug the usb).
After powering up again, data sent from arduino to my PC (coordinator xbee) doesn't arrive anymore, while it all still works the other way on the RX line.
The only way i find to solve the problem is : disconnect the power from arduino 1 minute and download the same program/

Any ideas what this is all caused by and how to solve this problem ?



I'm still working on this bug and I think it's because Arduino signal on Tx line is bad during power up of arduino. this cause the xbee to go in a weird mode and it can't transmit !
Someone know this problem !
What can i do to solve it ?




I foundnd an other way to solve the problem : I start the Arduino and the Xbee Shield without the Tx jumper, and 2 or 3s, I place it. and it's OK.
But it's not a definitive solution !
Someone can help me ?



I found a good solution, not the best solution but a good solution.
In the setup part, before and after initialising the UART, I add a delay of 1.5s.
like this :


It take 3s to initialize the system, but it works everytimes ! Xbee transmit data from arduino !And the data on XCTU on the computer are OK !


If someone has another solution, say to me !

Louis !

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