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Hello there,
This is my first post, and wanted to introduce my self to you. I am Software Engineer from Argentina, Star Wars and V (old TV Show) fan and replicas prop maker. I have been working on a on this prop, that you all will remember:

Well, those who are 30 years old or more. Maybe you saw a re-run of the show too. Who knows. Well, I 3D modelled this gun and designed it hollow.

The gun will be 3D printed, but that's another history. I am looking for advice about the electronics involved in the project. The trigger will activate a light, installed inside the tube or at the base, and will fire a FX sound. Already bought a UNO R3, a Mini Pro, and the USB adapter. But looking for suitable mp3 shield that fits on the grip or the top box. What do you think?


Found out this looking at the website:


Do you think I will be able to connect Smart Wav to Arduino Mini Pro or UNO without problems?


Is this gun large enough to fit it? If yes, then it is very possible to control it with Arduino, using the serial pins on the board. In fact, by the looks of it you may not even need an arduino if you're only playing one sound, you could simply hook up a push button that would be hooked up to a LED (or several) and the Smart Wav board.


Thanks for your reply. As a matter of fact, my intention about the Led turn it on and off doing a fade in/out effect, like a dimmer. At the same time the FX sound is played. That's why I need the mini Arduino board. Those are the internal dimensions available for this project:

Grip Top Box (Bordeaux part) is 112mm x 38mm x 15mm (L,H,W)

Grip Handle (Mustard part) is 39mm x 95mm x 19mm (L,H,W)

Need space for a battery pack and for one mini speaker as well.


I also found out another sound module called SOMO-14D. http://www.4dsystems.com.au/prod.php?id=73


This guy is controlling it via serial with and old Arduino board. Pretty decent sound FXs right?

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