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I don't know what's going on with my LCD display. It used to work fine, but today it hasn't been. Half of the display has a much greater contrast than the other. Also, it is flickering with some weird stuff. I have gotten the LCD code to work fine before. Any advice?


Nick Gammon

Some kind of hardware issue by the likes. Did it get dropped? Check the back, maybe poke the connections with a bit of plastic to see if one is flaky and if so, resolder it (when off).

Nick Gammon

I think those LCDs have two driver chips (one for each lot of 8 characters) so it looks like one of the driver chips is malfunctioning.


I built my first LCD project yesterday and i had a simular problem, it turned out to be loose wiring.


I have been trying to push around with my finger to fix any loose connections. I see that even without the signal wires plugged in, the right half of the board is filled with blocks, while the left half is blank (which is functioning correctly) What would cause the LCD driver chips to start malfunctioning like this? How can I fix it?

- Thanks, Chow.

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