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Is "Love" a strong word for what I feel? Thanks so much.

The new pin definitions worked perfectly.

Happy days!


Of course its not. 
I...(brings up courage) love it too
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Oooh guys, you make me cry :)

However, admittedly I do not fully understand which pin/part of the leonardo to connect exactly to which pin of TLC. Could someone be so kind to clearify this? Maybe in the form as it is done explained in the BasicUse example of the TLC library?

Thanks a lot already!!


Nvermind. I have figured it out myself.
The only thing I do not understand so far is what you do with the Rx Led pin...


Okay so I noticed last night while building a circuitboard that the TLC5940 Grayscale clock (for the PWM function) is connected to the INT1 pin when set-up with an ATmega328p.  When connecting it up like that on the 32U4, I noticeced the INT1 pin is also the SDA pin (for I2C/TWI).  Unfortunatly my project requires the I2C bus for a different IC.  

Can I change the grayscale pin for this to another pin and will still work?
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.

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