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I built my first wordclock using components ordered from Mouser and the final cost was about $120. If I had thought to ordered the components from eBay I would have save about $30. There is a lot of work in soldering LED matrix boards and because I built mine on stripboard a lot more track cutting and wire soldering. I have built 2x wordclocks now but don't intend on doing any more soon.


I would recommend looking on instructables for LED Matrix display.  There are numerous amounts of instructables on that very topic, at least last I checked.
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I'd really like it to be at least 16 pixels in height.

Even if you wire them as 8 rows of 48 you can place them as 16 rows of 24.
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That's the exact display board I'm trying to create, in monochrome of course

The schematic is publicly available, and it uses the HT1632C (which you can buy on ebay for $4 or so).

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