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I am having trouble figuring out a simple way to control the sleep mode of the Arduino from Xbee. I have my Xbee on a cyclic sleep cycle and I want to wake the Arduino when the xbee wakes.  I found an article about making the Arduino go to sleep on this website's playground section. It appears that an Arduino can only be awaken when the interrupt pin goes LOW.  This appears to be opposite of what pin 13 on the xbee does when it awakes.  Pin 13 on the XBee is asserted HIGH when it turns on and it goes LOW when it turns off.  Has anybody found a way to use an Xbee to control a sleeping Arduino?


Arduino can wake on date received on UART pins. Maybe look into that
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I was looking at that but its only available for SLEEP_MODE_PWR_IDLE and not SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN.  I am trying to go with the most energy savings possible.


"Pin 13 on the XBee is asserted HIGH when it turns on and it goes LOW when it turns off. "
Can you add a transistor & use it as a simple inverter?
Interrupt pin with internal  pullup enabled. NPN transistor with base to XBee pin 13, collector to interrupt pin, emitter to gnd.
Collector pulled high by internal pullup, connects to GND when base goes high from Xbee.
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