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Is it possible to make an 100+ Amp Brushless ESC based off the arduino. Has anyone done anything of the sort?


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Maybe add bigger MOSFETs to achieve 100A?

Well I doubt that would work, very few MOSFETs (in lightweight packages) can take 100A without melting.  You'd have to add more MOSFETs in parallel, use MOSFET driver chips to switch them, and replace high-side p-channel FETs with n-channel (lower Rds(on) - the driver chips do the rest).  FAN7388 3-phase driver is a good choice that I've played with recently (handles 600V should you need it!!)

At higher voltages and currents protection circuitry gets more important - you must monitor over current, that's a given.  Unless you use switched commutation you'll probably need 100A schottky diodes in parallel with the MOSFETs to reduce the free-wheel diode losses perhaps?
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you should take a look here http://open-bldc.org/wiki/Open-BLDC (sadly, project seems died 1 year ago)
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Yes, I know - I've been working on a design that doesn't use the Arduino (but I may try recoding for the Arduino at some point), and I'll be reporting back as I make progress.   There is the initial hardware documented on solderpad.com: http://solderpad.com/markt/sensorless-bldc-controller/ (but it needs better documentation!)
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