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Hi, All!

Alright. That became quite a heated discussion, it seems. I suppose roddi came across differently than he intended; I think he is more of a coder type than the typical Arduino beginner - and thus he quickly became slightly frustrated with the IDE.

I just wanted to *humbly* voice my opinion that the Arduino IDE has a lot of potential in terms of future development (I believe that this is the modern way of putting it :-) ). I do see what most people said here: that the IDE is mostly addressed to the beginners - and non-hacker types. And it does do a great job in this - remembering how easy it has been for me to begin with Arduino in the last year (I had the board and IDE set up in maybe 20 minutes - in a break after lunch), this is amazing.

But there are lots of possible improvements. roddi has suggested technical improvements (on which I can not comment much). I would want to express a more simple suggestion: for me, it would be very helpful to simply implement cooperation with an external editor in a better way. The built-in editor does the trick for the beginning, but once the code gets larger (for me, it is already the case once i need to scroll), the IDE quickly starts to feel a bit long in the tooth... I now use an external editor in most such cases (much easier to set the font size, as just one example, or to use code folding, syntax highlighting, code completion...). Unfortunately, every time I have changed my code externally, and go back to Arduino for compiling/upload, the changes I made in the external editor are not reflected in the IDE. That could be much improved. I think that this would be a great improvement for many. (By the way, I use TextMate on my Mac as an external editor.)

Regarding the other suggestion roddi made: I recently became very confused about the best location of libraries. Since I started last year, I kept those in the Arduino package under /Applications on my Mac (in the "libraries" directory within that package). But in other places (at bildr.org) I had found that those should be stored under ~/Documents/Arduino (which is a location that goes against my feeling for how to organize files on my hard disk; to my feeling, anything in the /Documents directory of my home folder should only be hand-made documents that I have created (such as my own code), but *not* a library file I got from somewhere else; needless to say that this directory does not as of now exist on my hard disk :-D ). Anyway, the two locations suggested in different places do confuse me.
But the point of all of this is only to say that there is still a lot of improvements (and clarifications) that can be made to Arduino. And I look forward to see it evolve. And to discussing my two cents about the possible directions further. :-)

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On the other hand, roddi made 3 posts on June 18, and none since ....

I don't have any issues with the IDE, I find it user friendly, and once the Tabs feature was pointed out to me, that made for a lot less scrolling in big programs.
I don't do any other programming than for Arduino's, so I don't miss all the stuff that's supposedly missing.
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Anyway, the two locations suggested in different places do confuse me.

Originally the IDE supported only storing library files in the arduino core library folder. The problem being that anytime you loaded a new version of the IDE only the arduino supplied library files would result, as you would have to manually transfer any user stored (self created or 3rd party supplied) library files into the 'new' IDE library folder. Somewhere around version 11 or 12 of the Arduino IDE they allowed one to create a optional library folder within the arduino user's application sketch folder location. That allowed the user library files to survive a updating to a newer IDE version.



The Arduino is not meant for the "engineer" or the "coder".  It was made so that they could use them just fine although the Arduino is meant for the "Beginner".  I'm studying to be an engineer and I have worked with may IDE's.  Arduino is a very nice user friendly, beginner friendly IDE to the simple hobbyist that just wants to dabble and such.

If you want to make a new IDE, go for it.  If you want to change it, go for it.  If you want to complain about it, keep it to yourself because that doesn't help anybody.
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it would be very helpful to simply implement cooperation with an external editor in a better way.

Have you clicked the "use external editor" button in preferences?  It apparently causes the IDE to re-read the file(s) every time you do a "verify" or "upload" operation, and it prevents you from changing the code in the IDE window itself.  I find that it works unexpectedly well for such a simple hack; you do have to remember to "save" your work from the other editor before clicking the upload/verify button, but ... no editor knowledge required on the arduino side, no arduino knowledge on the editor side.  Brilliantly simple.

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