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Author Topic: I2C FM with Parallax 27984  (Read 1115 times)
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Here is a simple sketch using I2C and serial terminal to exercise the Parallax FM module (part 27984)

No external pullups need.

The Parallax documentation is incomplete. I had to examine the spin/stamp codes to figure out how to do seeks.  Parallax info:

With a few minor changes, sketch works on Maple.

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thanks for your code, it's really usefull, I was having an hardtime trying to figure out how to work with this FM receiver. I'm having a problem in the audio out, I son't have any audio and I got the fail message as 1 1 1 like this:

config d001 0840 0400 86d7
 fm channel 90.3  volume 7  ss 127  sst 6
status ffff ffff
seek channel 112.5  ss 127 stereo 1 complete 1 fail 1 1 1

Do you have any idea what the problem could be? I'm using a jack as the antenna.

Thank you so much

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