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hey gang-

I have a schematic/board layout that I am trying to piece together my BOM for...

1.) is a 100uF Tantalum capacitor (from adafruit library).. it is a C3225 package..

I cant seem to find these @ Digikey/Mouser..etc..     (but Im new to all this sourcing/building still)  ;)

These.. I believe I may have found..etc  but Id like a second set of eyes if any are available. :)  

project calls for a

** (D1) DIODE: DO-214AC    (best I could find were these)
correct match found?

Part#: ES1D-E3/61T
a.   ES1D-E3/61TGICT-ND:   http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ES1D-E3%2F61T/ES1D-E3%2F61TGICT-ND/1091571  
b.   ES1D-TPCT-ND:    http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ES1D-TP/ES1D-TPCT-ND/950612  

(not sure of the difference?  results from searching it myself)

** DAC: MICROCHIP_MCP4921_SO-08 (SOIC8 package) of the Adafruit WaveShield DAC (not DIP, not MSOP, super tiny)

correct match found?

Part#: MCP4921-E/SN
URL: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/MCP4921-E%2FSN

** BUFFER: 74AHC125D (SO14 package)

correct match found?

Part#: 74AHC125D,118
URL: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/74AHC125D,118

I have attached the BOM I am working on.. (excel).. that I am putting together based on the part list export from EAGLE.

Thanks!   :)



I found the cap at mouser.


If that doesn't work, it's down this path:

All Products » Passive Components » Capacitors » Ceramic Capacitors » Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) - SMD/SMT » C3225C0G2A153JT

The DO-214 is the diode "package" type, not the part#. You need the correct p/n.
Ddifferent diode package types have different lengths and wire-lead diameters.

On the others, whenever you see "SOxx", it means SOIC package type. The pins have
1/2 the normal spacing [0.05"], and are 1000X easier to solder than smaller smt
package types, like QFN/etc. SOIC8 is 8-pin, SOIC14 is 14-pin. Easy code.


hi-  :)

thanks for reply..

the cap is a TANTALUM cap Im looking for.. ;)

*is a 100uF Tantalum capacitor (from adafruit library).. it is a C3225 package..

I'll check on the DIODE info again..  (thanks)..

for everything else.. I 'think' I have the correct part picked out to match the 'part list' from Eagle..  ;)



Your capacitor is either a "C" package or a 3225 package, not really both, thats likely the issue you had in finding the part. The diode is a high speed type usually used in switching regulators as the 'catch' diode, it should work UNLESS the design calls for schottky diodes ( junction and point contact diodes have different conduction potentials) If it does, use them as the designer had a reason for calling out that part. Substitutions are ok... if you know why, then you know as much as the designer did and you wouldn't be asking questions... <BG>

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Thanks!!..   :)

the 'cap' is being used on the speaker+ pad from the audio/amp..etc

does that help?

and for the diode.. I guess I have the wrong one picked.. it should be a schottky type..

couldnt find anything in the size I could be sure of (or anything) at Digikey..,but I think maybe this one will work from Mouser for the DIODE: (pad size/package DO-214AC)


datasheet: http://www.bourns.com/data/global/pdfs/CD214-B120_B1100.PDF


thanks  :smiley-mr-green:

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