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Author Topic: stepper motor driver  (Read 196 times)
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hey guys,
This might be a stupid question, how do I know which one is A+ or A-, B+ or B- wire for the nema 23 motor. See the image it says A,C,B,D on the wiring diagram.

* Capture.JPG (27.44 KB, 525x273 - viewed 21 times.)

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Is this a trick question ?
Start with A
A= A+

I suggest you don't power up that driver until you have either read the datasheet/manual or understand what all those other pins are for.

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You use a multimeter to measure the windings - this identifies which wires to the motor
are one winding and which are the other - just make sure wires from one winding go to
A+/A- and wires from the other go to B+/B-.

If the motor spins the wrong way, simply reverse one of the pairs polarity. (But NEVER
while the drive is powered up).

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post a link to that device.

looks like you need a lot more than just connecting coils.  should be a sense resistor that is needed.

but overall, as long as you have ohm'd out a coil, identify the two wires as part of the same coil and that the other coil has no electrical connections to the first coil, you should be good.

this is best done with a 4 wire motor.  you could use it on a 6 wire with some care, or an 8 wire in either serial or parallel fashion.


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