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"The persons does / does not have to physically close?"

How can the person test the code without having the fish and equipment?

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In the same way you and I are not close yet I can still help you: written or verbal communication.  It is a question of gde1990's expectations.


Fair point. Wouldn't want to try and develope a whole sketch without the relevant hardware, or suitable test rigg of some kind.


Yeah the project definitely will need personal contact with it , at a certain stage no doubt !! As it seems not only an issue of coding but also hardware troubleshooting...
But a lot of other projects can be just a coding issue and in that sense it could have been done at distance. Each case its own case, no doubt !!
10 LET Loop=Infinite
20 GO TO 10


Hi everyone. Thanks for the help in posts. "The persons does / does not have to physically close?" didn't realise it was a typo of Code! Also, yes, a close relationship with the developer was what I had in mind, as I'm trying to get to learn too.

Iyahdub: That's around an hour away from Cardiff which isn't too bad! Can you tell me more about yourself and your skills? E-mail me gareth.emanuel@btinternet.com.

thanks everyone.

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