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I am new to Arduino and initially loaded Version 1.0.  I have an Arduino UNO and am using it reasonably successfully.  Most problems have been lack of knowledge and operator error !!
I now see that Arduino 1.0.1 is the currently supported version of the IDE.  Looking through the release notes I only saw one issue directly afffecting my project - the bug in the Servo library.  I've corrected this in my version 1.0 library.

Could anyone tell me please:
1.  Is it worth upgrading to 1.0.1
2.  If the answer is "Yes" do I need to uninstall 1.0 before loading the new or will it "sort itself out"

Any advice gratefully received.


Considering the changes, I believe that it's definitely worth updating.

You can have as many versions of the Arduino IDE on your computer as you want.  I currently have five versions for testing - 018,020,023,1.0, and 1.0.1. They all play nicely together.


I have 5 also - 18, 21, 22, 1, 1.0.1, the last just for Leonardo support (which have yet to power up! bit too busy).
1.0.1 seems to work ok with Rev3 Uno, and a custom board with optiboot bootloader (just programmed it last night).
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Thanks guys - that was quick !!  I'm pleased about the co-existance, I can now confidently download the new version.  I've just woken up early, done a quick e-mail check and there were the replies!.  I'll do the download now, early morning is a good time here.

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