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Author Topic: 2D grid of ir sensors  (Read 814 times)
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I need help figuring this out guys. 

I have created a grid of IR sensors which i would like to determine the proximity of an object within it. for example say a ball rolled into the ir grid, it would register as being in (row 3, column5). this would tell me the location of the ball in relation to the grid.

I have a row of 6 ir sensors and a column of 6 ir sensors.  I need to be able to read one sensor at a time to avoid interference. So the program will turn on sensor 1 and see if it detects something, if not sensor 1 will go off and 2 will come on, then 3 and so on until an object is detected on the grid.

Cant find any material addressing  sequencing analog sensors to avoid interference and determining location on a 2d grid.

Below is the code i have so far but isn't doing the job.


int IRpin = 1;                                   
int IRpin1 = 0;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  float volts = analogRead(IRpin)*0.0048828125;   
  float distance = 27*pow(volts, -1.15);
  float Inches = (distance / 2.54);

  float volts1 = analogRead(IRpin1)*0.0048828125;   
  float distance1 = 27*pow(volts1, -1.15);
  float Inches1 = (distance1 / 2.54);
if (Inches >= 2 && Inches <= 20){
  Serial.print("MISS...The ball stopped in ROW1");                               
  delay(2000);     }
  else if (Inches1 >= 2 && Inches1 <= 20){
  Serial.print("MISS...The ball stopped in ROW2");                               
  delay(2000);     }


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What circuit are you using? P,ease post your schematic.
You should be using data selectors are you?

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